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Mehboob Chang Chairman HRPFPAKISTAN
Mr Mahboob Ali Chang

The personal Life style and the message of Holly Prophet is a complete guide line for mankind. He is the flag holder of the biggest human right in the world. HRPF has made a promise to act according to the teachings of Holy Prophet so it has been registered under such spirit and Faith that if anywhere in the world there is found any humiliation about colour, cast, creed and religion so that we can raise our voices. HRPF strictly claims everyone must have the basic human rights in this universe. When we come through any discussion about human rights then it is clear that the people who revolts against human rights are in-lined to social evils and crimes. Obviously where the violation and transgression are considered a trivial thing by the powerful stratum of the world the crimes and evils are common and general things for such community. Similarly our country Pakistan is among the top listed countries of the world concerning human rights and this is an alarming situation for us that in Pakistan human rights activist and the journalists writing on human rights are always a victim of oppression. Transgression is considered a basic right by the powerful community in Pakistan, but on the other side the community surrounded by deprivations adversities is deprived of the basic human rights. They consider it a very common and trivial things to murder their enemies registering fake FIRs through their favorable police officers. According to Amnesty International Pakistan is the most dangerous region for the human right activist and the journalists. Child labour and women rights are equal to nothing. Unfortunately our jails are replete with many innocents and intelligents. Women are being exploited in jails and due to the lake of facilities the humans and the animals are drinking from the same pond. Let’s be enthusiastic for the loftiness of human rights and play a powerful role for the progress and betterment of our society without any distinction of colour, creed, cast and religion and be a part of our services for human rights. In the last HRPF would like to promise that we will spend our all efforts and energies for the progress and welfare of humanity.